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Brink Vision 2020

The margins in the European market are under pressure because of decreasing demand, higher labor and energy costs and delay in the delivery of raw material costs. Especially in countries with an emerging middle class, the demand for plastics is increasing. This creates future opportunities outside Europe for Brink BV.


In addition, new demand is created, as more and more applications are found for plastic and composite materials. It is not just about substitution, but also to expand the scope. Material Innovations not only contributes to this expansion, but also improve quality.


Also innovations take place in the field of recycling. Demand from consumers for sustainable end products and rising commodity prices, provide more focus on recycled materials. Quality through recycling, however, is still a problem. By taking into account the entire chain of recycling, from design to finished product, the quality of the recycled material can be improved.


Speed, price and service are important for Brink to customers worldwide to bind to us. Innovation therefore remains important to Brink to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Process Innovations for cheaper and more efficient production will have a positive effect on margins.


In addition, 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing, is growing strongly. Technological developments are still at a very early stage. 3D printing is used primarily within R & D departments of companies, but hardly for the actual production. The use of 3D printing for small series or custom is the most obvious, but speed and material development still play a limiting role in growth.


In the longer term, this technology will develop into a mature production technology, in addition to existing production. Brink wants to play in this development a progressive role.