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Familly owned business, founded in the early 1957, Dimeco is now one of the world leaders for sheet metal coil production systems. Georges Jeanney, the founder, very early realized the market is worldwide and brought Dimeco to its actual 75% export level


The rise of coil process in the years 1962 required the erection of a brand new production plant in the surroundings of Besançon, capital of French Stamping business. Reaching now 8000 m² (86000 sq ft), it is a large modern factory managed with lean Engineering process in order to get the best from is highly skilled working force…As a focus to a cleaner environment, since 2009, the roof is covered with photovoltaic cells producing more than 110,000 kW every year.


After Georges Jeanney’s death in 2009, Christine, his daughter, took over the chairmanship and is fully dedicated to go further in world market development.

  • The French headquarter engineers and manufactures  all press feed equipment used for any lines in the world, cut to length lines as well as “Flexilines”  (LINAPUNCH flexible coil punching and LINACUT Coil fed fiber laser), equipment for press control & safety equipment , quick die and coil change equipment.
  • The Spanish Branch recently got a brand new factory in Oiartzun (near San Sebastian) where we  manufacture high production Flexible punching and Rollforming  equipment
  • The recent Joint Venture DKMFS manufactures in Pune (India) press feed equipment and cut to length line for the Indian market.


Dimeco provides solutions to companies involved in sheet metal part production. Stamping, punching, shearing, rollforming and bending solutions are available to guarantee from coil, high production rates for high quality finished or semi-finished sheet metal components.


Since 1957, Dimeco builds customized solutions and provides taylor made equipment to match customer target in terms of productivity, flexibility and investment pay back.
Dimeco is among the world leaders for press feed lines and cut to length line with the world biggest range of uncoilers, straighteners , NC feeders, shears which can be assembled as all possible configurations : “3 in 1, short line, rear loop , space saver” or high efficiency “long line”. Standard, stainless & pre-painted steel, aluminum and any metal strips from coil can be processed using combined technologies such as punching, stamping, shearing, rollforming and bending.


  • Coil handling & Pressfeed lines 55 years of continuous coil line technology development has elected Dimeco as one of the world biggest supplier to the stamping market as well as to fabricating. Dimeco provides the world widest range of equipment, matching needs of small press shops up to major automotive market players.Huge R&D work has been achieved to develop the new levelling technologies required by the evolution of materials available today (high press steel). Main features of equipment
  • Coil weight from 200 kg (440 Lbs) to 35 tons (77,000 Lbs)
  • Strip width from 200 mm (8”) to 2000 mm (79 “)
  • Material thickness from 0.1 mm (4 thou) up to 10 mm (0.4 in.)
  • Material quality from soft aluminium up to 1500 Mpa high press steel
  • Coil cradle, 3 in 1 combination, short line & long line configurations match all applications.

Coil loading & Coil storage:

  • Coil loading and unloading can be as difficult and unsafe as tool loading, then using our 20 years experience in quick die change , we have developed specific solutions to handle coils.
  • Customer Benefits
  • Coil loading and unloading operations are achieved through a controlled process.
  • Controlled coil loading process avoids material waste.
  • Controlled coil loading process  provides 100% operator safety  by removing  manual actions.

Flexible punching from coil:

Dimeco almost invented Flexible coil punching more than 30 years ago …
The beauty of technology evolution allowed us to drastically improve the process to combine flexibility and high volume production. « Green » solution using servomotors has been developped, as well for Linapunch multi axis punching machine as for high volume Flexipress solution.


Our solutions use standard cartridge tools, when required we can adapt big size die sets, even using some existing tools. Flexible coil punching does the same job as turret punch press , with 2 to 20 times higher output and up to 25% scrap reduction.
Coil lines are customized to match customers’ specific requirements.
All equipment combined to build a Dimeco flexible coil punching line are manufactured by Dimeco allowing a long lasting and efficient service.

  • Coil weight : up to 25 tons (55000 Lbs.)
  • Coil width : up to 1500 mm (60 ‘’)
  • Thickness : up to 4 mm (8ga)
  • Part length has no other limit than available space in the shop
  • Line can be used as Cut to length
  • One coil can contain 2000 meters (6500 ft) of material which can be processed, non-stop, with very limited scrap level.


Rollforming is the technical key when achieving our Flexilines.
At DIMECO, we design, assemble and supply the rollforming machines to be integrated in our own Flexilines or in other existing lines.

From the simplest to the most sophisticated

Starting from coils or from blanks, in steel, aluminum, stainless steel or pre-lacquered, in continuous work or Stop & Go, lubricated or not, the DIMECO rollforming machines are always made with easily interchangeable cassettes in order to manufacture different profiles on the same motorized bench.


When the width of the parts belonging to the same family varies, keeping the same profile at the sides, we use double body rollforming machines (Duplex), which rollforming width can be manually or automatically regulated.
A set of gears is responsible for the transmission between each rollforming station assuring a right, sustaining and lasting functioning.

  • Coil fed laser cutting system Always looking for more efficient solutions towards his customers, DIMECO designed his new LINACUT® concept combining the unmatched flexibility of laser cutting together with the performance of Dimeco coil fed processes.
  • Patented Continuous cutting process allows day long unmanned production of nested parts, with simultaneous part stacking and scrap ejection …
  • Coil lines are customized to match specific material requirements.

Main points

  • Coils up to 25 tons (55000 Lbs.)
  • Coil width up to 2000 mm (80 in.)
  • Thickness : up to 4 mm (8 ga)
  • One coil of 1 mm (19 Ga) thick material is about 2000 meters (6500ft) of material which can be processed, non-stop, and with a very limited scrap level.
  • Part length has no other limit than available space in the shop


Starting from coil, DIMECO proposes a flexible line for discs manufacturing, by nesting.
The CNC punching system allows a relevant and significant save of scrap raw material up to 50 %, compared to the standard method, offering an interesting production.