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Corona update

Brink Business Update


Dear Valued Customers,


Brink Moulds & Automation is closely monitoring the status of the outbreak and its potential adverse impact on supply chain continuity in our industry.


As the number of cases continues to escalate globally, we are taking additional preventive measures such as working from home, site visit, entry restrictions along with strict staffing schedules in our production to stop the potential spread of the disease within our locations and keep our employees safe.


Travel restrictions


In addition, we have implemented international travel bans for almost all our staff via air or any form of public transportation until otherwise is decided by the Dutch Government.


The health and safety of our employees remains a top priority and we are complying with the Dutch government requirements for social distancing.


Brink’s production site in The Netherlands is fully operational with receiving incoming shipments from suppliers and making outgoing shipments to customers. We will inform you if things in the supply chain are changing.


Service / Support


On this moment we can offer our customers the option of “Remote Service” to provide emergency service (even small problems) and or complete installation guidance during these challenging times.


We are proud to announce that the first remote service and installation cases have been very successful.


Brink has therefore created a team of service & software engineers who will be available to provide support on the spot from a distance. To use this service all you need is a cell phone with either, Microsoft Teams, Skype or WhatsApp.


If you want to work freely please use a head or body strap to mount your cell phone on.


The Remote Service Department can be contacted by:


WhatsApp                          +31 318 275 543

Email                                   service.automation@brinkbv.com


Please provide your Microsoft Teams or Skype name and we will contact you a.s.a.p.


We appreciate your understanding in this dynamic situation and we are committed to get you the support as quickly as possible. We will keep  you updated on this situation through our website.


We all hope you stay healthy and safe,

Yours sincerely,


All Brink Employees

New - Versatile IML


Just Imagine


What if you would find an IML system that provides you:


  • The possibility to run wrap around and bottom label?
  • The possibility to run flat, 3-sided and 5-sided label?
  • The possibility to work with molds with different cavity numbers?


Just Imagine


What if you, just by changing the closure (TE) design on a container, could simply:


  • Reduce the weight on the container max. 15%?
  • Have a seal option and after removal of the seal have a 100% water-tight container?
  • Increase the IML area on the product?


Would you be interested to see this with your own eyes?